The Making Roots classroom is divided into the six traditional Montessori classroom areas.

Practical life: This area of the classroom refines fine-motor skills and develops focus and concentration. It follows a sequence, fosters independence and develops good work habits.

Sensorial: Hands-on materials isolate one concept at a time and guide a child to discriminate sound, colour, size, weight, texture, shape, taste and smell.

Language: Language is taught through a variety of multi-sensory activities; visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. This ensures success by providing the appropriate experience for each child's individual learning patterns. Making Roots also offers a French language program.

Math: Mathematics is introduced individually as the child demonstrates interest and readiness. We match each child's ability to the appropriate materials so that his/her learning experiences are positive, rewarding and provide optimum learning at each stage of development.

Science & Culture: Science, history and geography are introduced and developed through materials that sharpen a child's powers of observation and understanding of the world around them. They will learn about physical and political geography, people and flags of distant countries, and the cultural similarities that unite all people. Children work with wooden puzzles and matching picture/word cards to learn the parts of flowers, trees, animals and insects. They also learn about growth cycles and plant seeds and observe the growing process.

Art & Music: Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively in everything they do, from painting, sculpture, singing and dancing to preparing a snack for themselves and their friends. A variety of materials are always available for creative expression including crayons, paints, papers, markers, collage materials, glue and scissors. Classic artists, art forms, media and history are learned about and explored throughout the year. Children engage in activities which help to develop and refine motor skills and creativity (gluing, cutting skills, hole punching, tying and taping)

French Immersion Kindergarten: Our full day Kindergarten program provides students with a Montessori morning and French Immersion afternoon curriculum. Kindergarten students will be academically ready to begin Grade 1 in any school setting.