About Making Roots Montessori Centre Inc.

Making Roots Montessori Centre Inc. provides full-day, licensed child care for children ages two to six years old. Making Roots is one of the few 12 month Montessori preschool and child care centres in Winnipeg. We provide a nurturing and wholistic program that is based on an authentic Montessori curriculum and methodology.

Owners Megan Turner and Kristen Shipman-Adams are experienced in a broad range of early childhood learning and care, and have a combined 26 years of experience within the child care industry. Our search for superior, engaging and nurturing child care for our own children led us to open Making Roots Montessori Centre Inc.

We have 32 licensed full-time spaces which provide year-round child care, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:30am to 5:30pm. We are trained Montessori teachers, and have an additional four caregivers on staff; all trained in early childhood education or Montessori methods. We offer a ratio of 7:1 children to caregivers, which allows us to truly embrace the Montessori philosophy of allowing a child to explore their own development rather than be held back or pushed ahead by the curve.

Our brand new facility is green, whenever possible using environmentally friendly products for Making Root's development and construction. We have a gorgeous attached green-space which fosters a child's natural movement as they explore their own environment and interests. We foster the respect of self, others and the environment. Whenever possible the products at Making Roots (food, toys, cleaning materials) are environmentally friendly, and locally sourced/organic. We wish to impart a sense of community to our students, and that starts with a pride in our own surroundings and extends to a friendly and respectful relationship with our neighbours and families.

Learning between the ages of two to six years old will serve as the roots for our children's future successes. We believe in building an educational partnership with parents during this critical time in a child's development. We want to be on board with your goals, and it is equally important that parents are on board with the Montessori philosophy and style. We suggest that for those parents that are interested, they read Montessori: Modern Day Approach (by Paula Polk Lillard) to help develop a full understanding of the school's methodology and philosophy.

Your child will flourish with the developmental edge of a Montessori education. The benefits of Making Roots Montessori Centre Inc. include:

  • A true Montessori education: Dr. Maria Montessori wanted to share her methods with children of all nationalities, and didn't believe in the restrictions of patenting an idea. However, this means that any school can call itself a Montessori school, but may not follow all of her prescribed methods and educational innovations. At Making Roots, we follow all the traditional Montessori methods and add a contemporary approach. The classroom is made up of the traditional six Montessori areas. 
  • A child-centred, emergent, early-years curriculum through the use of the Best Practices guidelines for Manitoba Early Learning, as well as through the use of the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale whenever possible.
  • Nutritious, allergy-sensitive, organic snacks. Healthy snacks with a menu focused on locally-sourced and seasonal foods, with a sensitivity to the dietary restrictions of the children.
  • Environmentally conscious products, materials and supplies. We use only Canadian, US, or European-based ethical suppliers whenever possible.
  • Transparency in management and fees. Our fees are a flat rate, tailored towards families with working parents who may find the usual shortened school day difficult to accommodate. There are no hidden fees for early drop-off or late pick-up, or anything else. Our rates are comparable to other pre-schools when all of their additional fees are considered. Similarly, we are transparent in our management. We have an open door policy when it comes to questions and concerns.