Many places say that they are child-centred; Making Roots is one of the very few places I have ever come across that actually is.
We noticed a discernible difference in Melody's mood and energy level as soon as we switched to Making Roots. Instead of irritability and exhaustion, she ends the day refreshed and happy. She used to cry almost daily when I dropped her off at her old daycare but last week when I brought her to Making Roots she ran off to join the reading circle so quickly she forgot to say goodbye to me.
We do a lot of singing in our home and it is amazing to me how many new songs she has learned at school. When she was having trouble falling asleep at nap time, her teachers help her by creating soothing rituals to help her relax, including whispered songs and storytelling.
She has learned so much in the short time we have been involved at Making Roots, and the gentle caring and love that the teachers exhibit for all the kids is apparent as soon as you walk through the doors. Their space is beautiful, clean, bright and well organized and their Montessori equipment and books are lovely.
Initially we were concerned about the added cost of sending our daughter to Making Roots, as it is a large financial commitment for us. However, we are convinced that it is worth every penny. Knowing that she is being cared for in the way that I would care for her is extremely comforting to me. Her teachers understand and appreciate her and they have shown great sensitivity to her unique needs, gifts, interests and personality.
I highly recommend Making Roots to any family looking for quality child care that goes above and beyond industry standards and expectations.

Michelle Bouwers
We could not be happier with Making Roots. We transitioned our son this year out of another Montessori Centre, it was the best possible decision we could have made. He is happier and our lives have been made easier, due to Making Roots hours. I can now get to work on time in the mornings and do not have to leave work early to pick my son up at the end of the day. The Centre is beautiful; filled with authentic Montessori materials. The staff are very warm, caring, and educated. They are always available and willing to answer any questions I may have about my son’s day and his ongoing development.
The curriculum is traditional Montessori, other parents make note….anyone can call themselves Montessori, it’s up to you to ensure that the staff are accredited and the work is authentic.
I would recommend that any interested parents arrange for a tour of Making Roots, once they see it for themselves there will be no where else that they will want to send their children!

Mike Mulligan
Our 3-year old daughter has attended Making Roots Montessori Centre since it opened in September and we cannot say enough about the program and the staff. We are so grateful for their gentle guidance and the patience they have with the children as they explore their learning environment as well as for the peace of mind we have knowing our daughter is being so well-cared for.
Many of the skills our daughter is learning at school are being demonstrated at home and she is so eager to "help Mommy and Daddy" with simple tasks. After just 4 short months of attending Making Roots Montessori we know we made the best decision for our daughter and we are thrilled to see her so excited about learning.

Andrea and Tony
Making Roots Montessori provides a calm, natural learning environment for my children, Montessori teachers and educational assistants are attentive to children and the owners try their best to accommodate parent's childcare needs. Communication with parents is also commendable.


Making Roots has quickly become a warm and happy environment for the staff, the children, and the parents. Every aspect of both the indoor and outdoor environment has been extremely well thought out, with the well-being and safety of the children a top priority. We arrange the classroom and choose the activities that foster independence as well as excite and meet the needs of each and every child.  The teachers at Making Roots work together to make sure each child is happy, feels safe, is engaging and learning, at his or her own pace.  We communicate with parents and care givers on a daily basis to ensure that our assessment is accurate.  Now it is January, and we are seeing the children become really absorbed in their work, taking ownership for their environment, and showing concern for their friends as if they are family. 

At Making Roots we pride ourselves on using natural materials and supporting local businesses.  The work on the shelves consists of wood, glass, metal, and recycled materials.  Recycling, reusing, and not being wasteful is something that is always at the forefront of our minds.  The children love playing in our beautiful natural outdoor area, jumping off tree trunks, playing in the rock pond, and rolling down the hill.  The outdoor space allows for endless possibilities and imagination.

It is wonderful to be working with such great teachers.  It has surprised me how quickly the staff has managed to create such a lovely space to spend our time everyday.  Our routine, consistency, and values have been crucial in shaping Making Roots into a unique and loving place to learn and grow.

Camilla (Millie) Kornos

When I first walked into Making Roots Montessori Centre, I knew I was walking into a place that was created out of true inspiration. I have never been in a classroom space so thoughtful and beautiful. The management here has supported me in all my endeavors in the classroom. We are encouraged to push boundaries, be creative and continue to grow as individuals. I’ve worked in places that definitely lacked luster, and the one thing they all had in common was underappreciated, unsupported staff. I feel a great amount of respect and appreciation here amongst the staff, which has definitely been something I’ve searched for at other centres that I’ve worked. The classroom is light and calm and full of little details to help the children succeed. The outdoor classroom allows great opportunity for the children to explore and develop an appreciation for nature in an urban setting, which is so important for future generations! I leave each day feeling fulfilled because I know that the children are getting all they deserve from their school and from themselves. I cannot begin to explain the feeling I get when I hear all the positive feedback from the parents. It just reinforces that all of our efforts are worth it. It is such a beautiful thing to see the growth of each child and have the resources to cater to their individual needs. When I came to MRMCI, I had begun to question my career choice as an early childhood educator, but after the first few weeks of being here, I was re-inspired, and now I wouldn’t even dream of being anywhere else. I am truly appreciative of the opportunity to be here each day.
  Anastasia Waly